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 You are about to enter a web site maintained by CompCHOICE to provide case management information.  Access to this system and data contained in the system is restricted to persons as authorized by CompCHOICE.   

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Access to data maintained by CompCHOICE on this web site shall be restricted to only those individuals whose job function has a strict need-to-know.  Information obtained by access shall only be used for the functions of the job for which access is authorized.  The access or use of any data for ones own personal gain or profit, for the personal profit or gain of others or to satisfy personal curiosity is strictly prohibited.  All access will be in accordance with HIPAA and other applicable regulations.

Codes or passwords used to access this data shall not be disclosed to other individuals.  Persons shall not use another person’s access code or password.  CompCHOICE is to be contacted immediately, if for any reason a code or password has been compromised or is being used by a person other than the individual to whom the code was issued.

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